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Sponsorship Opportunity

OTTA Sponsorship Package

How can Motorsports Sponsorship benefit your business?

Motorsports Sponsorship can increase name awareness through visibility in the community, improve revenue, and employee morale.
Have you ever passed a trailer carrying a race vehicle on the road? Did it catch your eye? The attention received while transporting the buggies or trucks to races is tremendous. Maybe we could park it in front of your store? They are rolling billboards. You’ll find customers coming in and asking about the vehicles. When transporting the race vehicles all racers within the OTTA membership carry cards with race information and dates as well as links to the web page so that if someone comes up and is interested in the race vehicle they can hand them the info. Potential spectator can then go to the link on the card and look up the web page with your logo advertised or look up the info needed.

Use of the opportunity as a public relations vehicle, by displaying the racing pictures on the wall of your office or store.
Think of simple things such as a t-shirt with the logo with all the race dates, Sponsors name and your company’s logo on it. Racing events can be a very fun family outing, employees and their children would love a day at the track.
Even if you personally have no interest in racing, you can still take advantage of the promotional advantage it can provide your business. Racing events can be a great environment for the prospective client or existing customers who happen to be race fans. Again, use the opportunity to be creative and differentiate your company from other companies in your market. There is no doubt that more exposure in the community, will translate into a sale down the road.

A racing Sponsorship is more than just a rolling billboard…

OTTA Sponsorship Package

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