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Dave Green


Dave started like everyone else did trail wheeling, from that he started going to mud bogs , some of the first mud races were held at a little town out by Drayton Valley called Warburg. He helped with the start up of AMBA Alberta Mud Bog Association. After that he built one of the first Mega / Monster trucks in western Canada, it was called Alberta Crude. He got out of wheelin’ for a few years, then decided he wanted to get back into it & that's when he started to build Road Kill. It was originally to be a trail rig, not a comp rig ( not to many comp rigs have 5 seats ), but Dave started entering competitions with it and did well so he decided to throw his name in the hat for TTC, never got in the first year so he tried again & got voted in in 2009, Dave won that year & got invited back In 2012 for TTCC (Top Truck Challenge Champions) ...won that (only guy in the world to win TTC twice).

Dave has been competing in off-road events since they first invented off-road tires he also competed in events such as the Safari Tough Trail Challenge, many Highrider Challenges, along with Havoc Events. The Rig Dave is most known for, is his Cummins powered tube buggy named Road Kill. The buggy was sold in 2013 as Dave has taken on a new build, also focusing heavily on the organizational side of local events, along with the creation of the OTTA organization.

Dan Osterhout

Vice President

Dan Has also been involved in the off-road scene for many years, from attending competitions, to weekend wheeling. In 2015 Dan took home first from TTC, the rig he is well known for is Black Betty. Starting off as a one ton truck its gone thru many changes including 2.5 Ton axles and recently a fully tube buggy overhaul. In addition to TTC, Dan has competed many events including ITTC in 2015, Mountain Havoc in 2016, Bonnyville in 2015/16, Xtreme Offroad Competitions and Punisher at Tail Creek. Along with competing in many events, Dan has had his hand in running tech, organizing racers, and being an administrator of Xtreme Offroad for 9 years, with 2 race events and 9 community wheeling events, as well as Bonnyville Extreme Mudfest. Dan had also taken 2017 off from racing, to help with event organization and the creation of the OTTA. 

Kyle Walton

Board Member

Kyles career in off-road competition started in 2013 at the HRC tail creek event, from there he’s been heavily involved with the race scene. He’s taken home first place trophies from the Punisher and Extreme Mudfest events. Kyles currently runs a Toyota on 2.5 Ton Rockwell’s 

Neil Harrison


Neil has been in the off-road scene since the early 2000's, competing in events such as mud drags, hill and hole, along with other TTC style events. Neil’s current rig is a 1978 Dodge Power Wagon with a 5.9 Cummins and 2,5 Ton Rockwell’s. He has been heavily involved with the off-road scene and has been a volunteer at may different events.

Allie Davidson


Allie started mud racing in 2015 with a 1980’s dodge 2500, she gets to as many events as possible, but spends most of her time co-driving in Neil’s Power Wagon. She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty helping fellow racers, or helping with events.

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