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Meet our Otta Drivers

Drivers Listed by Rig Number

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Rob Inglis

Co-Drivers Name: Not sure yet

City/Province: Calgary, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2018 TMR Chassis, Mopar Powered

Engine: 524 Big Block Mopar

Estimated Horsepower: 700 N/A 900 with Nitrous

Added Power Type: Nitrous

Fabrication: Me

Transmission: 4L80

T-Case:NWF 205

Tires:44" Boggers and 44" Ag's

Shocks: Radflo Coil Overs and Bypasses

Axles: Rockwells

Sponsors: Fort Mac

Other: Buggy is not even close to being finished

Rig # 9, Shredded Lettuce

Neil Harrison

Co-Drivers Name: Allie Davidson

City/Province: Sylvan Lake, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 1978 Dodge Power Wagon Truggy

Engine: 12 Valve Cummins

Estimated Horsepower: 300 HP

Added Power Type: Turbo Charger

Fabrication: Custom Tube Work

Transmission: NV4500

T-Case: NP205

Tires: 18.4-26 R2 Goodyear Ag's

Shocks: 20" Scott Shocks with Double Bypass

Axles: 2.5 Ton Rockwell/Meritor Hybrid Axles

Sponsors: Western Canadian Rockwell, Scott Shocks, EMF, Rockwell Offroad

Other: Owner of Western Canadian Rockwell, Half Blind

Rig # C4, Boost Moose

Bryan Foss

Co-Drivers Name: Jason, Dusty, Blaire

City/Province: Cochrane, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2006 Hog Chassis with 2018 Foss Hog Freshness

Engine: LS3 427

Estimated Horsepower: 1003 HP

Added Power Type: 4.5l Whipple

Fabrication: 2006 Evo Chassis 2018 Kamikaze Fabrication

Transmission: JW Powerglide 

T-Case: SCS Counter Rotation 18"

Tires: 18.4/26 R2 Firestone's

Shocks: 26" Knightstalkers, 26" Knightstalkers Coilovers

Axles: EMF JCB SD 80 Front 15:1, EMF JCB SD 55 Rear 15:1

Sponsors: National Transmission 14 St Calgary, AB, EMF Rod Ends & Steering, Irricana AB

Other: To the Moon!

Rig # 13, Foss Hog

Josh Hall

​Co-Drivers Name: Jordan Campbell

City/Province: Strathmore, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: Samurai

Engine: 6.0

Estimated Horsepower: 425

Added Power Type: N/A

Fabrication: Home Built

Transmission: Auto TH350

T-Case: Atlas

Tires: 54" Claws

Shocks: ORI

Axles: Rockwell

Sponsors: Mastercard

Other: Let the right foot do the talking

Rig # 17

Jeff Ede

Co-Drivers Name: Pat Ede

City/Province: La Ronge, SK

Vehicle Year & Type:  1977 Jeep CJ7

Engine: 4.6L Jeep Stroker

Estimated Horsepower: 280 HP

Added Power Type: N/A

Fabrication: N/A

Transmission: T-18

T-Case: Dana 20

Tires: 42.5" Boggers

Shocks: ORI's

Axles: Dana 60 / 14 Bolt

Sponsors: Arrowhead Helicopters LTD. 

Rig #17, Skoden

Greg Tory

Co-Drivers Name: Ryan McCarty

City/Province: Sherwood Park, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2017 Kamikaze Chassis

Engine: 572 cl

Estimated Horsepower: 700HP

Added Power Type: Tuned by Joshua West of 208 Powersports

Fabrication: by Dan Osterhout

Transmission: Built Turbo 400

T-Case: 205 with Black Box Doubler

Tires: 57" R1 Ag Tires

Shocks: Profender

Axles: 47 Spline Oversons/Meritor Hybrids

Sponsors: Scott's 180° Collision our of Red Deer, AB

Other: Follow us @ Barely Legal Off-Road Racing on Facebook!

Rig #18.1, Barely Legal

Kyle Walton

Co-Drivers Name: Cody Jensen

City/Province: Sundre, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 1993 Toyota 4 Runner

Engine: 406 SBC

Estimated Horsepower: 480HP-580TQ

Added Power Type: Nitrous Oxide

Fabrication: Offroad Perfection Customs

Transmission: TH400

T-Case: NWF Titan Black Box/ NP205

Tires: 14.9-26 BKT R1 (54")

Shocks: 2.5"-18" Kings

Axles: Dual Steering 2.5 Ton Rockwells

Sponsors: Offroad Perfection, Western Canadian Rockwell, & Axlebusters Offroaders Club


Rig # 54, Downhole Money

Dwayne MacLellan

​Co-Drivers Name: Dwayne MacLellan

City/Province: Edmonton, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 1989 Jeep Cherokee

Engine: SBC Ram Jet 350

Estimated Horsepower: 400 HP

Added Power Type: My Heavy Foot

Fabrication: Chuck Fab/Blaze Mechanical

Transmission: Turbo 350

T-Case: NP 231

Tires: 37" Boggers

Shocks: Stock

Axles: Ford 1 Tons, 4:10 Gears

Sponsors: Pro Trac Gear, Blaze Mechanical

Other: FTR Member

Rig #780, Parts & Pieces

Jake Brazier

Co-Drivers Name: N/A (No ones crazy enough to get in)

City/Province: Choiceland, SK

Vehicle Year & Type: 1985 Toyota Pick Up

Engine: 454ci Big Block Chevy

Estimated Horsepower: 10

Added Power Type: N/A

Fabrication: Hydrated Iron (III) Oxide

Transmission: 3L80

T-Case: NP205

Tires: 41" Ag's

Shocks: Bilstein 5125

Axles: Dana 80 Front and Rear

Sponsors: N/A

Other: Leaf Spring, Double Beadlock Wheels

Rig # 107, Little Blue

Kyle Jorgensen

​Co-Drivers Name: Dean Rivers

City/Province: Lloydminster, SK

Vehicle Year & Type: 1985 Toyota Buggy

Engine: 350 Vortec

Estimated Horsepower: Stock

Added Power Type: Gas

Fabrication: Exocage

Transmission: TH400

T-Case: NP205

Tires: Cut Boggers

Shocks: Profender

Axles: D60/14B

Sponsors: Dukes Delivery and Recycling, Jorgensen Industries

Other: I just want to race

Rig # 114, Jorensen Motorsports

Jay Cooper

Co-Drivers Name: Les Jones, Charles Baird

City/Province: Spruce Grove, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2003 Avalanche Chassis

Engine: 388 Stroker

Estimated Horsepower: 600HP 

Added Power Type: 600 Torque

Fabrication: Full Tube Cage Buggy

Transmission: TH400

T-Case: Doubler 205/203

Tires: AG's R2's for the win!

Shocks: Profender 18" Coilovers

Axles: Rockwells with 2" Ouverson everything

Sponsors: IAM Machining, Coopers Metal Services, Blue Nose Automotive Repair, Safety Supplies Canada, Chucks Fabrication, Blaze Off-Road, Heartless Off-Road, Rig Money Racing, Kamikaze Customs, Barely Legal Racing

Other: Zero Drama Racing

Rig # 237, REDRUM (Zero Drama Racing)

Dan Osterhout

Co-Drivers Name: Brad Baker

City/Province: Edmonton, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: Buggy 2017

Engine: 427 SBC, Dart Sportsman black, AFR 220 Heads, Lunati Cam, Forged Internals Built by OMO

Estimated Horsepower: 600 HP

Added Power Type: 10 HP Grunt

Fabrication: OMO all of it

Transmission:TH400, Manual Shift Body, 3000RPM Stall, 4L80 Internals built by Elbow Transmission

T-Case: NP205, Twin Stick, NWF Clocking Ring, Shift Rails, 32 Spline Output Shafts

Tires: TBD 44" Boggers or Ag's

Shocks: Canteliver Suspension with Profender 16" and 16" Bypasses

Axles: Front Dana 60 (Super 60 Housing), Jana 76 Gears, 35 Spline Cromo Shafts, Spool, Solid Axle Industries Inner and Outer C's, Solid Axle Forged Spindles/Rear Corp 14, Spool

Sponsors: Scott's 180 Collision, The Tory Family :)

Other: Looking forward to a great 2018 season with great competitiors and volunteers!

Rig # 333, Orange is the New Black

Cody Jensen

Co-Drivers Name: Mark Neshine

City/Province: Watervalley, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 1966 Jeep Gladiator

Engine: 454

Estimated Horsepower: 500 HP

Added Power Type: Right Foot

Fabrication: Offroad Perfection, with lots of changes by me

Transmission: TH400 with 4L80E Guts

T-Case: NP205 Mated to a NWF Double

Tires: 16.9/24 Ag's

Shocks: 2.5" 18" Travel Kingcoils

Axles: 2.5 Ton Rockwells

Sponsors: Jensen's Ranch

Other: Can't wait to kick some ass and take names :)

Rig # 403, Big Rig

Kris Schroder

Co-Drivers Name: Dave Schroder

City/Province: Edmonton, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 1976 Dodge D100 Power Wagon

Engine: Dodge 440

Estimated Horsepower: 350 HP

Added Power Type: N/A

Fabrication: Still Working on It

Transmission: 727

T-Case: NP205/203

Tires: 44" Boggers

Shocks: Pro Comp

Axles: Rockwell

Sponsors: N/A

Other: N/A

Rig # 789, Dodgeasawki

Kelly Wertz

Co-Drivers Name: Frank Wertz, Mark Russell

City/Province: Red Deer, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2015 Home Made Chassis

Engine: ARL 427

Estimated Horsepower: 650 HP

Added Power Type: Nitrous

Fabrication: Homemade

Transmission: Reid TH400

T-Case: SCS

Tires: 54" Mickey Thompson

Shocks: King Coilovers

Axles: Axletech

Sponsors: DADDY

Other: N/A

Rig # 911

Frank Wertz

Co-Drivers Name: Harvey Wood

City/Province: Red Deer, AB

Vehicle Year & Type: 2016 Tube Chassis

Engine: SBC 427

Estimated Horsepower: 650 HP

Added Power Type: Nitrous 150 + 150

Fabrication: Father and Son

Transmission: Reid TH400

T-Case: 12.66 SCS Drop Box

Tires: 54" Claws

Shocks: 18" Kings

Axles: Huge, Axletech 4000

Sponsors: Me


Special Thanks to Alan Lee @ ARL Racing Engines,

Special Thanks to Clay @ Evolution Machining for the steering and heims

Off Road

Rig # 911, BEEF

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