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About Us

Hello, Welcome to the Outlaws of Top Truck official website! Just to give a quick rundown of what we are all about I’ll start with a brief history of our style of racing


As most people know Top Truck Challenge, hosted for may years by Four Wheeler Magazine, was the grand father and a staple in the off-road world for our type of racing. For many years TTC was always about the best of the best off-road rigs, competing for the title of Top Truck. It was considered an “open event” where you could enter whatever you wanted, crazy one-off tube buggies showed up, U4 style race cars, and giant full-size pick ups. Back in 2013 a few changes were made that signalled the end of an era, regulations started to come into place, (there’s a lot of speculation as to why, but I won’t get into that) Ag style tires were banned in favor of DOT tires, full body rigs were a must, putting an end to custom tube buggies and almost everything else. As you can imagine competitor entries dropped off significantly, and eventually the event was canceled in 2015.

How did the OTTA association come to be?

With the demise of Top Truck Challenge, competitors interested in this style of racing, have for the most part been a disbanded batch of rebel’s. With rigs designed to be the best at an event that no longer exists, there were events that popped up and helped gather groups together but still left a large majority of racers wondering what’s on the horizon. We as racers, also fell victim to some venues that gave us a place to race but tried to shoehorn us in with racing community’s and events that didn’t fit our style. With no other choice, we went along with things but eventually felt it was time to put something together for our group of racers. A governing body that was by the racers, for the racers, to help the racers, hence the Outlaws of Top Truck. Our association is in place to make sure everyone in our style of racing has a voice. We exist to work alongside competitors and event organizers, to make sure racers concerns are heard and to also assist with safety, event and tech rules, track layout and promotion of events and competitors that are interested in our style of racing.


OTTA Run Down

If you are not familiar with the Top Truck style of rigs or competition, here is a simple rundown of who we are and how our events are structured to test drivers and rigs alike. To put it simply our style of racing is like the Swiss Army knife of the off-road competition world. With the TTC style of racing there is no slack! it is designed to test absolutely every aspect, of every rig, to the max. It’s designed to challenge drivers, and their rigs, in almost every style of terrain and obstacle imaginable. This can include everything from low speed rock crawling, deep mud, steep hill climbs, high speed sections with large jumps, some events also include a tow test/ drag race that maxes out the HP of almost every rig competing. Rigs competing in these events need to be extremely well built and drivers must be on top of their game, one faulty part or a quick slip up by a driver can mean disaster.


Currently we have 2 skills classes for racers to enter, the first is the open class, this is run what you brung, no limits to HP or tires size, anything goes as long as it meets our safety requirements. This class of rig will be put up against the worst of the worst when it comes to challenging obstacles and terrain


Our second class is for the smaller tire guys, this will be the same style of racing with a variety of challenges and obstacles, but toned down slightly for smaller rigs

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